Saturday, September 15, 2007

Technoloy Review

OK. now to complete my assignment.

To do a quick little review on whats with the blog right now. I have an assignment to use a piece of technology for 2 days straight and then evaluate this. The piece of technology I used was my Nintendo Wii and heres my review.

I used my Wii for two days and I realized there were only a couple things that frustrated me.
1. The distance need to use the wii-mote. I had to be at least 2 feet way to use the wii-mote or the sensor bar wont pick it up. Thats a little problem in a small dorm room.
2. I can't think of anything else. The Wii is perfect (Nintendo Fanboy Opinion).
I really use it in the afternoon or at night when people are around that also want to play. To use the Wii you really only need to be able to move your wrist and look onto the TV screen but the joy of the Wii is that you are supposed to do full motions and really get into the game. Add noises from the TV and from the speaker in the Wii-mote and you feel part of the game itself.

Thats the end of my Technology Review. Hope you liked it.

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Ronda said...

Well written article.

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