Friday, November 14, 2008

2P60 Response: Second Life P2

Now, to really get into it. Well not really. This time is about education in Second Life. Now I personally don't believe that it can work out for the masses. It would be great. I mean I would like it. It would enable people to take education into their own hands. The problem is that some people might not be able to access it, or understand how to get to it. I believe education in second life, like education online comes at the price of a less structured few since the Internet is around. There's just no way to make sure people aren't cheating. And that brings up the question that is it really cheating to look something u online if it is an online course? I believe online learning in second life or anywhere else should be by choice. I personally go online when I want to learn something, but that's in my spare time. Second Life education is an interesting but without a structure and that people can understand it, it can't work out.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

2P60 Response: Second Life

So, I personally have been on second life. I have an account and everything. Even starting to build stuff. I don't know where I am in it but I am there. I got a second life account to at least try it, and in case I would ever have to use it for this class or something else. I really don't understand it, the whole controversy. I love the website just because it so funny comparing second life to reality. I believe people can indeed figure out the difference of when do stop. Since there are limitations to what you can do. I mean once we get the VR of whatever you what whenever, the there would be real problems. Also about the porn part. I think pornography is part reality and thus VR. If people can make it in VR it will be there, whether right or wrong. There’s not much you can do without infringing on their rights. I mean the internet it pretty much all porn anyway, why odes it matter is there porn in second life. Yes I understand that they are doing some controversial things but unless we accept second life as its own separate reality, then add rules then you can do something. But if that happens what’s the point of going on if it’s the same as FL. So there’s my opinion on Second Life, in it my name is Cory Amaterasu (I think) and I'll see you there.

PS: Maybe you can give me feedback on my Tardis :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

2P60 Response: Blogging and Microblogging (Twitter)

Well on the first day I thought I signed up for this presentation but I actually didn't so I got a twitter account for nothing. Every time I go look at it it makes me sad because no one is following me. I continue to think maybe if I put up something exciting like "Running from the undead" or "Hiking in the rainforest" someone would care. Then again I wouldn't want to lie online. That just plain wrong.

"Another way to die!!"
Sorry I’m listening to the new bond song.

I have nothing against blogging. I would do it but once again the same thing with my twitter account, no one would be interested. I admire people who blog and can put that all out there. I mean I wish I had that much to talk about. Not that i don't, I have plenty but sometimes I just need to be on a roll and when I'm typing online that usually doesn't happen. It usually happens in my head when I'm walking somewhere. I'm hilarious in my own head/interesting. I know I am writing why I don't blog on my blog but I really don't update at all so I don't really call it blogging.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

2P60 Response: Mobile Web, Mobile Identity

OH YAI, cell phones.... Well I can't say they aren't bad. I just personally don't care too much about I. I forget to turn it on some days, don't check it others. It’s not cause I have a bad phone. Oh no. I went all out after 3 years with a crappy phone and got myself a Samsung instinct (which now doesn't look too good after looking at the new blackberry). I think it has to also do with my not a lot of facebook usage. I go on and check stuff but I don't tag pictures or make notes or write on people walls. So with this I guess that a reason I don't facebook, tag, upload anything from my phone. I just don't see the need to do it then and there. I don't believe that there is a mobile identity. Unless your known for going 3 thousand text messages over the limit every month. THEN you have a reputation to maintain.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

2P60 Response: Collaborative Tagging

This is the one I did a presentation about. It is about people who upload just about anything onto the internet, videos, pictures, Blogs, bookmarks, ect, and then tag them so others can find them. Tagging is simply giving them a few key words so when people search these words then what ever is tagged with them will show up.

There are numerous sites made for tagging and thereby sharing. Sites like fliker for pictures, or delicious for bookmarks, it’s amazing the amount of content people will put up just to share. You'd hope they could just do it in real life but since virtual items have no giant value attached to them they can be free. Some site incorporate their own tagging features like facebook which has its own tagging in pictures. One thing about tagging is that it can be a little dangerous. Like everything else on the Internet, once it’s up its public. You might accidentally put up something you didn’t mean to or someone can steal something you put up and claim it as their own.

Friday, October 10, 2008

2P60 Response: Facebook, MySpace, and Friendship Concerns

As I said before, I think facebook is undermining the value that is actual friendship. I hate when people I don't know add me. I bugs the crap out of me. And personally I only add people I know I will get along with and are friends. I know I also said that I add people cause they will bug until I do but I think that fine. The point of this (and what will be my research project for 2P90) is that there are dangers while being on a social networking site.

People can find out whatever you’re doing, when and where. They can access your pictures and essentially virtually stalk you. It’s a scary world. I know people who like to do this but in their case they look at everyone they can just to keep up with current events of peoples daily lives. Whether that is right down the hall from them or in a different province it’s all relative to them. The real danger is having someone really stalk you and they can be in a different province. I personally think there is a little too much freedom granted to anyone set as a friend. If I had the choice I would change something so certain people. And I know facebook allows you to that but sometimes the restrictions aren't what you want or need. The answer is to not put too much info on your account and hope for the best.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2P60 Response: Facebook, MySpace, and Friendship

I use facebook, as I have said before but I personally have never really questioned the idea of friendship on it. I don't consider it as the source point of all my friends. It can be the source point of everyone I know, which includes friends. Can you make friends using facebook? Yes I believe you can. The same way you can make friends on online chat rooms’ email.

I personally don't like having the people you know as described as friends on facebook. There are people I have added just because they would bug me until I did. I don't consider that a friend. I have people that I’m not friends with anymore and I still have them on my facebook. I think the use of the term friend is used to loosely in today’s society. People can say they have 30 different BFFs but doing so makes the term BFF lose meaning. I prefer to use the term acquaintance whenever I can when describing someone who is one to me. I only have a few BFF (like 3) and I don't like to measure people up to others. Facebook is making it hard to make a distinction and I personally don't like it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

2P60 Response: Web 2.0 Concerns

Well here I am again. Now the topic is the privacy concerns that come with web 2.0. Personally, I know people are going to look at my info. Even if I don't want them to. Bad things happen. I try my best. Facebook I have set up my security options. I use fake names when online registering for things that I will only use once. We can't say bad things have started because the Internet came about. Things have happened before, just not in the same way. Web 2.0 is an entirely public place. You just don’t have privacy on it. Its public space. When you log on to your bank account, its basically like taking money out of the machine. There are people behind you or all around and if they really wanted to they could take your pin number. They just need the initiative and anyone can. I think the Internet is simply just a larger public area than in reality. Final thought, people in general need to be more careful and they need to stop being idiots (I know its a lot to ask but I'll try anyway).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

2P60 Response: Web 2.0 Communities

Here is my first of 9 responses to the topic in my 2P60 class. This time it is about web 2.0 communities. Now I am a participant of some of these. More some than others. Primarily facebook. I really have to questions how far communities go. Facebook is certainly a great place to communicate with friends you already know. While MMORPGS are great places to meet new people. Even though I really don't go on it anymore I believe that Runescape could be considered a community. The difference is that there are more strangers than friends to interact with. But going into MMORPGS is not something I really want to do anymore. I have nothing against MMORPGS or people who play them just I would just get to into it and then I would continuously forget to do work (such as these blog post). I believe online communities are simple places people can share, communicate and meet new people. Either in a forum post or an MMORPG it all counts. Forums are also a new place to meet people. The good thing is that you can be pretty sure that they have the same interest as yourself. I have been on video game boards with friends and random people, and hearing a different point of view is always good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2P60 class

this is it. soon this blog will be used as part of my 2P60 class. I am going to have to post at least 9 times and talk about something specifiq. fun. brb

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School

So i'm back to school. Sitting in IASC 2P60 class. seems interesting.... well i'm just setting this up. Hope it still works...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

its 3 am

Its 3 am, and i have decided , after such a long period of time to update this blog. Yes everyone clap. Well, I can't sleep. to many nights staying up late. Well, term 1 is over, term 2 is now....Great.......I dunno. Its very similar, mostly because i am sitting at home (not dorm room home, but home home, where i have to shovel the driveway and cook supper sometimes. Where my friends wont stop bugging me and i drop cash like a spoiled rich kid, which i'm not). I did some work, still need to do the portfolio part, so check the main site to find it. thats all for now.