Thursday, October 2, 2008

2P60 Response: Facebook, MySpace, and Friendship

I use facebook, as I have said before but I personally have never really questioned the idea of friendship on it. I don't consider it as the source point of all my friends. It can be the source point of everyone I know, which includes friends. Can you make friends using facebook? Yes I believe you can. The same way you can make friends on online chat rooms’ email.

I personally don't like having the people you know as described as friends on facebook. There are people I have added just because they would bug me until I did. I don't consider that a friend. I have people that I’m not friends with anymore and I still have them on my facebook. I think the use of the term friend is used to loosely in today’s society. People can say they have 30 different BFFs but doing so makes the term BFF lose meaning. I prefer to use the term acquaintance whenever I can when describing someone who is one to me. I only have a few BFF (like 3) and I don't like to measure people up to others. Facebook is making it hard to make a distinction and I personally don't like it.

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