Friday, October 10, 2008

2P60 Response: Facebook, MySpace, and Friendship Concerns

As I said before, I think facebook is undermining the value that is actual friendship. I hate when people I don't know add me. I bugs the crap out of me. And personally I only add people I know I will get along with and are friends. I know I also said that I add people cause they will bug until I do but I think that fine. The point of this (and what will be my research project for 2P90) is that there are dangers while being on a social networking site.

People can find out whatever you’re doing, when and where. They can access your pictures and essentially virtually stalk you. It’s a scary world. I know people who like to do this but in their case they look at everyone they can just to keep up with current events of peoples daily lives. Whether that is right down the hall from them or in a different province it’s all relative to them. The real danger is having someone really stalk you and they can be in a different province. I personally think there is a little too much freedom granted to anyone set as a friend. If I had the choice I would change something so certain people. And I know facebook allows you to that but sometimes the restrictions aren't what you want or need. The answer is to not put too much info on your account and hope for the best.

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