Saturday, September 27, 2008

2P60 Response: Web 2.0 Concerns

Well here I am again. Now the topic is the privacy concerns that come with web 2.0. Personally, I know people are going to look at my info. Even if I don't want them to. Bad things happen. I try my best. Facebook I have set up my security options. I use fake names when online registering for things that I will only use once. We can't say bad things have started because the Internet came about. Things have happened before, just not in the same way. Web 2.0 is an entirely public place. You just don’t have privacy on it. Its public space. When you log on to your bank account, its basically like taking money out of the machine. There are people behind you or all around and if they really wanted to they could take your pin number. They just need the initiative and anyone can. I think the Internet is simply just a larger public area than in reality. Final thought, people in general need to be more careful and they need to stop being idiots (I know its a lot to ask but I'll try anyway).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

2P60 Response: Web 2.0 Communities

Here is my first of 9 responses to the topic in my 2P60 class. This time it is about web 2.0 communities. Now I am a participant of some of these. More some than others. Primarily facebook. I really have to questions how far communities go. Facebook is certainly a great place to communicate with friends you already know. While MMORPGS are great places to meet new people. Even though I really don't go on it anymore I believe that Runescape could be considered a community. The difference is that there are more strangers than friends to interact with. But going into MMORPGS is not something I really want to do anymore. I have nothing against MMORPGS or people who play them just I would just get to into it and then I would continuously forget to do work (such as these blog post). I believe online communities are simple places people can share, communicate and meet new people. Either in a forum post or an MMORPG it all counts. Forums are also a new place to meet people. The good thing is that you can be pretty sure that they have the same interest as yourself. I have been on video game boards with friends and random people, and hearing a different point of view is always good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2P60 class

this is it. soon this blog will be used as part of my 2P60 class. I am going to have to post at least 9 times and talk about something specifiq. fun. brb

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School

So i'm back to school. Sitting in IASC 2P60 class. seems interesting.... well i'm just setting this up. Hope it still works...
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