Thursday, September 18, 2008

2P60 Response: Web 2.0 Communities

Here is my first of 9 responses to the topic in my 2P60 class. This time it is about web 2.0 communities. Now I am a participant of some of these. More some than others. Primarily facebook. I really have to questions how far communities go. Facebook is certainly a great place to communicate with friends you already know. While MMORPGS are great places to meet new people. Even though I really don't go on it anymore I believe that Runescape could be considered a community. The difference is that there are more strangers than friends to interact with. But going into MMORPGS is not something I really want to do anymore. I have nothing against MMORPGS or people who play them just I would just get to into it and then I would continuously forget to do work (such as these blog post). I believe online communities are simple places people can share, communicate and meet new people. Either in a forum post or an MMORPG it all counts. Forums are also a new place to meet people. The good thing is that you can be pretty sure that they have the same interest as yourself. I have been on video game boards with friends and random people, and hearing a different point of view is always good.

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