Thursday, October 23, 2008

2P60 Response: Mobile Web, Mobile Identity

OH YAI, cell phones.... Well I can't say they aren't bad. I just personally don't care too much about I. I forget to turn it on some days, don't check it others. It’s not cause I have a bad phone. Oh no. I went all out after 3 years with a crappy phone and got myself a Samsung instinct (which now doesn't look too good after looking at the new blackberry). I think it has to also do with my not a lot of facebook usage. I go on and check stuff but I don't tag pictures or make notes or write on people walls. So with this I guess that a reason I don't facebook, tag, upload anything from my phone. I just don't see the need to do it then and there. I don't believe that there is a mobile identity. Unless your known for going 3 thousand text messages over the limit every month. THEN you have a reputation to maintain.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

2P60 Response: Collaborative Tagging

This is the one I did a presentation about. It is about people who upload just about anything onto the internet, videos, pictures, Blogs, bookmarks, ect, and then tag them so others can find them. Tagging is simply giving them a few key words so when people search these words then what ever is tagged with them will show up.

There are numerous sites made for tagging and thereby sharing. Sites like fliker for pictures, or delicious for bookmarks, it’s amazing the amount of content people will put up just to share. You'd hope they could just do it in real life but since virtual items have no giant value attached to them they can be free. Some site incorporate their own tagging features like facebook which has its own tagging in pictures. One thing about tagging is that it can be a little dangerous. Like everything else on the Internet, once it’s up its public. You might accidentally put up something you didn’t mean to or someone can steal something you put up and claim it as their own.

Friday, October 10, 2008

2P60 Response: Facebook, MySpace, and Friendship Concerns

As I said before, I think facebook is undermining the value that is actual friendship. I hate when people I don't know add me. I bugs the crap out of me. And personally I only add people I know I will get along with and are friends. I know I also said that I add people cause they will bug until I do but I think that fine. The point of this (and what will be my research project for 2P90) is that there are dangers while being on a social networking site.

People can find out whatever you’re doing, when and where. They can access your pictures and essentially virtually stalk you. It’s a scary world. I know people who like to do this but in their case they look at everyone they can just to keep up with current events of peoples daily lives. Whether that is right down the hall from them or in a different province it’s all relative to them. The real danger is having someone really stalk you and they can be in a different province. I personally think there is a little too much freedom granted to anyone set as a friend. If I had the choice I would change something so certain people. And I know facebook allows you to that but sometimes the restrictions aren't what you want or need. The answer is to not put too much info on your account and hope for the best.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2P60 Response: Facebook, MySpace, and Friendship

I use facebook, as I have said before but I personally have never really questioned the idea of friendship on it. I don't consider it as the source point of all my friends. It can be the source point of everyone I know, which includes friends. Can you make friends using facebook? Yes I believe you can. The same way you can make friends on online chat rooms’ email.

I personally don't like having the people you know as described as friends on facebook. There are people I have added just because they would bug me until I did. I don't consider that a friend. I have people that I’m not friends with anymore and I still have them on my facebook. I think the use of the term friend is used to loosely in today’s society. People can say they have 30 different BFFs but doing so makes the term BFF lose meaning. I prefer to use the term acquaintance whenever I can when describing someone who is one to me. I only have a few BFF (like 3) and I don't like to measure people up to others. Facebook is making it hard to make a distinction and I personally don't like it.
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