Sunday, November 9, 2008

2P60 Response: Second Life

So, I personally have been on second life. I have an account and everything. Even starting to build stuff. I don't know where I am in it but I am there. I got a second life account to at least try it, and in case I would ever have to use it for this class or something else. I really don't understand it, the whole controversy. I love the website just because it so funny comparing second life to reality. I believe people can indeed figure out the difference of when do stop. Since there are limitations to what you can do. I mean once we get the VR of whatever you what whenever, the there would be real problems. Also about the porn part. I think pornography is part reality and thus VR. If people can make it in VR it will be there, whether right or wrong. There’s not much you can do without infringing on their rights. I mean the internet it pretty much all porn anyway, why odes it matter is there porn in second life. Yes I understand that they are doing some controversial things but unless we accept second life as its own separate reality, then add rules then you can do something. But if that happens what’s the point of going on if it’s the same as FL. So there’s my opinion on Second Life, in it my name is Cory Amaterasu (I think) and I'll see you there.

PS: Maybe you can give me feedback on my Tardis :)

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