Saturday, November 1, 2008

2P60 Response: Blogging and Microblogging (Twitter)

Well on the first day I thought I signed up for this presentation but I actually didn't so I got a twitter account for nothing. Every time I go look at it it makes me sad because no one is following me. I continue to think maybe if I put up something exciting like "Running from the undead" or "Hiking in the rainforest" someone would care. Then again I wouldn't want to lie online. That just plain wrong.

"Another way to die!!"
Sorry I’m listening to the new bond song.

I have nothing against blogging. I would do it but once again the same thing with my twitter account, no one would be interested. I admire people who blog and can put that all out there. I mean I wish I had that much to talk about. Not that i don't, I have plenty but sometimes I just need to be on a roll and when I'm typing online that usually doesn't happen. It usually happens in my head when I'm walking somewhere. I'm hilarious in my own head/interesting. I know I am writing why I don't blog on my blog but I really don't update at all so I don't really call it blogging.

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