Friday, November 14, 2008

2P60 Response: Second Life P2

Now, to really get into it. Well not really. This time is about education in Second Life. Now I personally don't believe that it can work out for the masses. It would be great. I mean I would like it. It would enable people to take education into their own hands. The problem is that some people might not be able to access it, or understand how to get to it. I believe education in second life, like education online comes at the price of a less structured few since the Internet is around. There's just no way to make sure people aren't cheating. And that brings up the question that is it really cheating to look something u online if it is an online course? I believe online learning in second life or anywhere else should be by choice. I personally go online when I want to learn something, but that's in my spare time. Second Life education is an interesting but without a structure and that people can understand it, it can't work out.

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mattyaa said...

I agree Corey, I think web and technology based education has a large chance of failing because there is not enough structure or definite connectivity between everyone. But for those who use it as a tool it may work just fine. Second Life seems to have the capabilities to create an educational atmosphere as it seems a lot of post secondary institutes own space and real estate within the server.